Widerøe’s milk run to the Russian border

From Flightradar 24:

Fly the incredible Widerøe northern milk run across Arctic Norway with us, right up to the Russian border. We’re on the flight deck recording all the action, including 7 takeoffs and landings in some of the most beautiful scenery on planet earth. The main event is flight WF974, one of Widerøe’s famous Dash 8 “milk runs” serving small communities along the remote Arctic coast – and it is simply amazing.

If you enjoy seeing incredible wintery mountainous scenery in remote parts of the world with plenty of short runways, some good gusty winds and tricky terrain on finals, and of course the ever-impressive Dash 8 (not to mention these excellent pilots) taking it all in stride, you’ve come to the right place.

Bonus: the first flight is aboard the very rare Dash 8-300 from Bodø to Tromsø. Then it’s six segments eastbound to Kirkenes, just a few kilometers from Russia, all on the same plane, a Dash 8-100.

Full routing today is: Bodø–Tromsø–Sørkjosen–Hammerfest–Mehamn–Berlavag–Vadsø–Kirkenes. Along the way you’ll get to see the North Cape, the northernmost point in Europe that you can reach by car.

Flying in northern Norway: