Fly along with DutchPilotGirl at Amsterdam

Nice added visual explanations in the cockpit:

From DutchPilotGirl:

Let me take you along to Amsterdam Airport, Schiphol (EHAM) in the Netherlands. A cockpit view pushback, engine start, taxi, take off and departure in a Boeing 737-800 (Boeing 737NG) from the ‘Aalsmeerbaan’, runway 18L.

Amsterdam is known for its scenic landmarks like the canals and famous events like Amsterdam Dance Event, Pride & King’s Day.

The video shows what it’s like to fly a standard departure in a Boeing 737-800.

Interesting ATC audio, facts, approach charts and actual call-outs and Boeing procedures were added to provide a sense of everything that is going on inside the cockpit during landing. Let me know what you think of this video guys!

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