Breeze Airways to expand at Providence, Rhode Island

Breeze Airways through CEO David Neeleman announced it will significantly expand operations at Rhode Island T. F. Green International Airport (PVD) and have the airport serve as a connecting travel hub for the growing airline.

Two years ago, Breeze Airways announced a commitment to grow operations over the following five years with up to 20 nonstop routes, 44 departing flights per week, 1 west coast route, 6 based aircraft, and 200 to 250 jobs.

As Breeze Airways celebrates its third anniversary at PVD, the airline has already met or exceeded many of those goals, with 6 based aircraft, 18 nonstop routes, 2 west coast destinations, 120 flights per week, 205 jobs, and 278,000 annual passengers, all in advance of their 2027 goals.

Under a new agreement, over the next five years, Breeze Airways would offer a total of 35 underserved or unserved nonstop routes, among them seven routes to destinations west of the Mississippi and up to 12 locally-based aircraft flying 200 flights per week.

Additionally, at least three of the 35 Breeze destinations within the next five years will be international destinations. In order to provide seamless connections with other airlines, Breeze Airways will pursue “interline agreements” with international carriers over the next three years.

This development will allow PVD to become a connecting hub for the airline and their partners as domestic and international travel grows. The expansion of operations and service is expected to result in up to 1 million passengers at PVD annually and up to 400 jobs over the next ten years.

Current routes from PVD: