Allegiant flight attendants vote to approve new labor contract

Allegiant has announced that the company and the Transport Workers Union of America, AFL-CIO Local 577, representing Allegiant’s flight attendants, have ratified a new five-year agreement with immediate wage increases ranging from 20 to 41.2 percent.

The tentative agreement was ratified by Allegiant flight attendants with a 89 percent approval vote and 97 percent of members voting. The TWU Local 577 represents more than 1,700 Allegiant flight attendants.

Flight attendants received an average pay increase of 25 percent upon the contract’s ratification. Flight attendants at the top of the wage scale receive a 41.2 percent wage increase. In addition to the wage increases, the contract includes many other enhancements such as improved pay overrides.  

In addition to pay raises, the new contract provides several quality of life improvements for TWU 577 members. One major improvement is the greater “duty rig,” which will increase the amount of time flight attendants are paid for being on duty. The contract also contains an improved 401k match, a cap on healthcare cost share increases, and other insurance improvements. In addition to the average 25 percent wage increase upon ratification, all flight attendants will receive an hourly pay increase of 3 percent each year, for a combined 41 percent average wage increase over the life of the contract. In addition to wage increases, the Local 577 members will receive a combined $10 million lump sum bonus. Flight attendants will receive a minimum $1,500  lump sum bonus or a bonus of approximately $1,013 per year of service, whichever is greater.  

The parties’ previous collective bargaining agreement became amendable on December 21, 2022, and Allegiant and the TWU were able to secure the new contract in just over a year and a half of bargaining by building on their strong positive working relationship. 

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